Wednesday, December 9, 2009


GraphEdit is a visual tool for building and testing filter graphs and it is provided as an executable with the DirectX SDK. GraphEdit can be used to verify the filter arrangement that we are going to implement in code level is working properly. It is possible to use GraphEdit in two ways to verify that. We can test the filter graph with the GraphEdit before write any application code or we can load a filter graph that the application creates to verify that our application is building the correct graph. Using the GraphEdit following basic tasks can be done.
  • Create and modify filter graphs.
  • Run, Pause and seek a filter graph.
  • View the property pages of the filters.
  • View the media types of pin connections.
Following figure shows a simple filter graph created using the GraphEdit to play a video file.

In the GraphEdit filters are displayed as boxes with a text caption inside it, which shows the name of the filter. Pins appear as small squares along the edges of the filters and input pins are shown on the left side of the filter and the output pins are shown on the right side of the filter. The arrows which connects one input pin to another output pin represents the connections between the filters.

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