Sunday, February 7, 2010

Alfresco Document repository

Document Management is one of the most important task of any software developing company. Documents are created at almost all phases of the software development process and these documents are kept as live documents most of the time. So constant upgrading, versioning and reviewing are essential parts of the document repository.

Alfresco offers document management using familiar interfaces to get rapid user adaption built on a repository that offers transparent, out-of- sight services. It has fully supported Enterprise Edition and a freely downloadable open source Community Edition.
  • Highly scalable, clustered J2EE architecture using commodity software and hardware.
  • Capable of Standards-based JSR-168 and REST-based integration.
  • Single sign-on through NTLM or LDAP.
  • Integrated Transformation Services: Office to ODF/PDF, PowerPoint to Flash
  • Compatibility with JSR-168.

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