Sunday, February 7, 2010

Integrate Alfresco with Liferay

Following are the steps to integrate Liferay portal 5.2.3 and the Alfresco 4.2.1

  • Download the Alfresco .war file
  • Rename the file to “alfresco.war”.
  • Login to the Liferay as administrator.
  • Go Dock -> Add Application -> Install more Applications -> Upload File.
  • Browse and select the path of “alfresco.war” and click install.
  • Then go back and go to Dock -> Add Application.
  • Now you can see the Alfresco portlet under content management category.
  • If it is not displayed their refresh the page or restart the portal server.
  • You can log in to the alfresco using username : admin and password: admin.

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  1. how can i configurate it with oracle 10g express? thank you for your post very usefull!

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