Monday, February 8, 2010

LDAP authentication in Liferay

User management is one of the most critical part of my Workflow Management System(WMS), since it is necessary to manage the users properly and efficiently. Although Liferay has its own method to manage users it is not suitable for the WMS because of several reasons. I start to do research and implement user management system for the WMS. First I decided to integrate Liferay with LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) directories to store the authentication and authorization policies. I decided to do that because The LDAP directories are made for high performance lookups thus addressing the high traffic load and the LDAP directories are often the source for the single sign on system to authenticate against.

In order to do that I used Apache Directory Server, which is an embeddable directory server which is written in Java. I also used JXplorer LDAP browser for the directory browsing purposes. First I input users to the system using LDAP browser. Then I connected the Server with relevant ports and finally I changed the settings of Liferay portal in order to integrate it with LDAP Directory. After doing these things I was able to authenticate users to the system via LDAP directory.

You can find the full description of integrating LDAP with Liferay from here.

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