Tuesday, February 9, 2010

SSO in Liferay

Single Sign On(SSO) is the feature which allows the user to log in to the portal once and access all the portlets according to his permissions, with out sign in again for different portlets. In order to set up SSO between Liferay portal and the existing portlets, I decided to integrate Liferay web portal with the JA-SIG CAS (Central Authentication Service) Server. First I read articles and research papers about the SSO and got an understanding about what is actually meant by SSO and how it works with Web Portals. Then I clearly identified the procedure of SSO and the following diagram illustrates it.

After that I read about how to install CAS server. In order to do that I downloaded CAS Server and I installed Tomcat Server. After setting up CAS server in the Tomcat installed CAS client in Liferay. After that I generate an SSL cert for the CAS server. Finally I did all the configurations on Liferay portal in order to work with Liferay.

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